2011 / News from Bilim
They Said “Let Truths Not Be Masked” Against The Stigma Schizophrenic Patients Are Subject To! / 09.12.2011
The third of the story contest organized by the Federation of Schizophrenia Associations with the support of Bilim Pharmaceuticals within the framework of the project, entitled “Let truths not be masked”, was concluded. In the press conference where winners were announced, the General Secretary of the World Psychiatry Association (WPA), Levent Küey (the first Turkish person to hold this title) and Prof. Dr. Michaela Amering – an Academic from the Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Department of the Faculty of Medicine, Vienna University – shared their opinions.
Organized with the aim of drawing attention to schizophrenia, that has a prevalence rate of 1% in Turkey, the third of the story contest entitled “From the Place where Ember Falls to: Voices, Faces, Stories” was concluded. The award ceremony was held at Pera Palace Hotel, attended by the authors of the winning stories.  

In this contest, which is only open to schizophrenic patients, the winning award was given to Yasemin Şenyurt, who had previously participated in this organization with many stories, while Okay Uludokumacı and Hasan Emre Keskin (who competed in our contest for the first time) were ranked second and third, respectively. In the Sustainable Achievement Category, opened this year, Süveyda Ölüdeniz and Hüseyin Avni Cinozoğlu, winners of the two previous contests, were rewarded.

Ranked first in the contest, Yasemin Şenyurt, who is still studying for a doctorate in philosophy, said on behalf of all of her friends regarding her success story: “do not underestimate or exaggerate our little steps… Just trust us.” Ranked third, Hasan Emre Keskin influenced the audience including Mario Levi, with the following expression from his story: “We are illusions of each other”. Emotional moments were shared in the hall during contestants’ speeches. Mario Levi, a writer and the chairman of the jury, underlined the contribution of contestants’ stories to the world of literature by speaking as follows at the end of the conference: “I prefer all these writer candidates over Ernest Hemingway.”

Having participated in the conference to support the project, WPA General Secretary Assistant Prof. Dr. Levent Küey and Prof. Dr. Michaela Amering mentioned that more than 500 million around the world have psychological disorders and only 20 million are able to receive aid. In other words, while 1 out of 7 people face at least one psychological disorder every year, 1 out of 4 people face it throughout their whole lifetime.Highlighting schizophrenia, in particular, as a disorders leading to loss of ability, Mrs. Amering said that, besides proper medication, schizophrenic patients have to participate in rehabilitation programs and keep sharing with others in order to maintain the quality of patients’ daily lives at a maximum level. She also added that the most successful way of sharing was artistic creativity.

Stating that they found the project very successful and that they were involved in order to support it, Mrs. Michaela Amering said, “I believe the stigma will disappear in a relation to be established by means of any art branch.”

All winning stories were collected into a book entitled “I Released the Threads of My Mind” by Doğan Kitap. 13 attractive stories are published in the book, which sheds light on the secret worlds of schizophrenic patients.

In the sustainable success stories category, which was evaluated for the first time this year, stories authored by Hüseyin Avni Cinozoğlu and Süveyda Ölüdeniz, winners of the two previous contests, were mentioned.

Stories which had been entered in previous contests were collected into two books entitled “Life Opens Its Heart to Me” and “We Are All Insane” by Doğan Kitap.

The jury of the contest comprised of the following people: Actor Tuncel Kurtiz, Writer Mario Level (chairman of the jury), Deniz Yüce Başarır – Doğan Kitap General Coordinator, İpek Altıner – Theater Kedi General Coordinator, and Assistant Prof. Dr. Haldun Soygür – President of the Federation of Schizophrenia Association, and Dr. Erhan Baş – Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ CEO.

The project aims to draw attention to schizophrenia, as well as to show what schizophrenic patients can do when they are given the chance. Held for the third time this year, the project has been organized since 2008 by the Federation of Schizophrenia Associations and Bilim Pharmaceuticals, who fight against the social exclusion of schizophrenic patients.

Having Set Its Heart On “People”, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers Received Awards From The Heart / 05.12.2011
Having hit the road “to become a part of the solution”, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers collected the “Awards from the Heart”…
At the ‘Awards from the Heart 2011’ event, organized by the Corporate Volunteers Association for the fifth time, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers was deemed worthy of an award in the category of  “Most Creative Voluntary Project” with its project entitled “My Career is in My Hands” and in the category of “Most Successful Volunteer” with the voluntary efforts of Kadir GÖKBAKAN.

“Awards from the Heart” is an event that has been organized by the Corporate Volunteers Association since 2007 in order to support and broaden voluntary efforts in the private sector, as well as to reward the best practices that make a difference within the community. This year’s awards were given to their winners at a ceremony held in Tekfen Tower.  At the ceremony, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers was rewarded in the two categories it was a candidate for: in the category of “Most Creative Voluntary Project” with its project entitled “My Career is in MY Hands” and in the category of “Most Successful Volunteer” with the voluntary efforts of Kadir GÖKBAKAN – Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ Istanbul District Manager.

Mrs. Dilek METE – Head of Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers Turkey – received the award from Agah UĞUR – Chairman of Corporate Volunteers Association – on behalf of Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers. Mrs. Dilek METE, in her speech at the ceremony, said the following: “Today, there is significant knowledge and experience created by private sector professionals in Turkey. We voluntarily transfer such valuable knowledge of the private sector to college students, who represent Turkey’s future. This is a diverse and creative project, because we organize such a personal development congress that we charitably present college students with a development opportunity, which each and every employee might want to receive through professional trainings. Consequently, we refer these students, who have benefited from the program at the maximum level, to Turkey’s 23 leading companies, and we meet their travelling costs, arrange accommodation for them and pay their wages. Moreover, instructors and companies also volunteer to support the project. I invite all of those professionals who would like to support young people to join us in building our future, and to be ready to assume the responsibilities of their own progress, to become volunteers in this project in order to reach more universities at the same time and to offer internship and business opportunities for a larger number of young people.”

Deemed worthy of the “Most Successful Volunteer” with his self-sacrificing efforts in voluntary projects, Mr. Kadir GÖKBAKAN said, “Volunteering refers to an individual sharing their efforts, time, knowledge and talents in order to leave a sustainable world to our children, who are the architects of or future. In my projects, my aim is to bring hope to the future of the community and most importantly, our children, with the added value I create. It makes me happy to witness that the volunteers, who are involved in our projects, have an increasing level of enthusiasm for social events. Moreover, their individual talents improve with increasing in-house motivation. Since we are individuals who work by touching each other, our ability to become a team and our tendency towards creating value are growing stronger, in turn bolstering our corporate loyalty. All these factors bring success.”

Personal Development Congress Entitled “My Career is in My Hands”

The most valuable gift that can be given to a university student about to graduate is a career and development opportunity. Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers created this opportunity for university students in eastern parts of our country. Having hit the road with the idea, “If we had received basic talent training during our college years, which are provided by professional instructors after entering business life, which move us one step ahead and which have significant contributions to our achievements in the private sector, we would be one step ahead in our journey!”, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers ensure that those university students which would like to be a candidate employee, who offer high potential and who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and talents, receive a full 4-day training session from professional instructors. The platform takes professional instructors from large sectors such as telecommunication, automotive, medicine, etc, to universities seeking to support their students in their technical and professional development as well as their personal development and to raise their awareness of career development. Moreover, it directs those intern students who are chosen from among the students participating in the congress to Turkey’s 23 leading private sector companies which are seeking to employ talented and potential-bearing people and to support the community through volunteers.

The final organization of the project, which is carried out by Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers, was held at Diyarbakır Dicle University and a total of 15 training programs were conducted in 32 sessions in 4 days. Some 4,250 students have benefited from the program so far. 50 students, who will be selected according to determined criteria, will have the chance to participate in a special internship program in Turkey’s leading companies in 2012.

The Instructors brought together by Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers and the topics of their training programs are as follows:
Ayşe Köse - “Communication on the Career Path”, Başak Güçlü - “Voluntariness in the Private Sector”, Betül Bozkurt - “Personal Leadership”, Candan Erdemci - “I Listen to You, I Understand You”, Çağlar Çabuk - “Future Begins Today”, Dilek Mete – “I Have Control of My Career; Career Targets and Career Planning”, Erol Tuncer - “Body Language and Individual Image Tactics”, Ferda Binatlı Gümüş - “Emotional Intelligence in the Business Life”, Güray Sabit - “Teamwork in Corporate Life”, Hakan Tetik - “Strategic Thinking”, Hanife Tanışan - “Kowing Yourself”, Nurdan Akalın Terazi - “Success in Interview”, Kürşat Acartürk - “Impressive Presentation Techniques” and “Positive Thinking and Stress Management”, Rıfat Bayraç - “New Success Psychology”, Serra Titiz - “Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurism”, Sinan Akdoğan - “Personal Behavior Models and Relationships” and “A Look at Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry”.


Having become a member of Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers (BPCV) in 2005, Kadir GÖKBAKAN voluntarily became the team leader of BPCV Ankara in 2006. By directing the Serçev&BPCV Photograph Exhibition in 2007 and 2008 within the framework of “Engelleri Kaldırın” (Remove the Barriers), the first project conducted by Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers, he provided a significant income for Serçev and also realized BPCV’s first largest project. In 2008 and 2009, he ensured that coverage was given to volunteering in the Kanal D main news bulletin by bringing children with cerebral palsy together with Gençlerbirliği football players in an unhindered football match. In 2009, he was appointed to the Samsun region. He became the leader of BPCV Samsun thanks to the contributions of his leadership experiences in voluntary projects, which, in turn, allowed him to accelerate his voluntary efforts. In 2009 and 2010, he was able to realize the first 100% Voluntary Drama project, the cast of which comprised of BPCV and Bilim Ailem members. Thanks to this project, a total of 6,585 children watched the plays and the BPCV Library was established for 4 village schools with the books donated by adults. As he was appointed to Istanbul in 2011, he became the Turkish leader of the project entitled “Fellows of Bilim -at the Theatre”. Having taken the drama project one step forward with a creative idea, he is currently carrying out intensive stage preparations of a children’s play written by BPCV volunteers.


Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers Walk By Young People In Their Career Journeys / 02.11.2011
Dicle University also said “My Career is in My Hands”…
At the Congress, “My Career is in My Hands”, held by Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers Platform at Dicle University in Diyarbakır between October 31st and November 3rd, Turkey’s professional voluntary instructors, who are investigative and successful in their own areas, came together to provide full-day training with certification in order to become a role model for young people and to move them one step forward in their careers.

The personal development congress, “My Career is in My Hands”, which brings professional instructors together to guide young people in setting up their visions and to help them gain the necessary knowledge and talents that will support their career development, has been organized by
Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers in Dicle University between October 31st and November 3rd, 2011. It was Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers that offered the students of Dicle University a career and development opportunity, which is the most precious present that could be given to a university student, who is about to graduate.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers Platform, which comprises voluntary employees, who share their individual competencies, time, efforts, experience and intellectual capital with those, who are in need “to be a part of the solution”, continues with the support of Bilim Pharmaceuticals to carry out education oriented projects to raise social awareness on young people and their problems. The project, “My Career is in My Hands”, which has been conducted since 2008, is one of such projects…

With this project, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers Platform provides solutions for the problem of insufficient participation of young people in the labor force in our country, where the unemployment rate among young people is about 22%. The project aims to eliminate inequality between Turkey’s east and west that are in the focus of both the private and public sectors. The project particularly aims to support students educating in universities in Anatolia in their career planning, to create a role model for them, to improve their knowledge and talents to help them create their own visions and to ensure that they begin their careers one step ahead.

At the personal development congress, “My Career is in My Hands”, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers Platform brought together Turkey’s voluntary instructors, who are investigative and successful in their areas and who give direction to the careers of private sector professionals, to provide trainings with certification to university students. Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers hit the road based on the following thinking: “We would have begun our careers one step ahead, if we had gained such talents as leadership, teamwork, effective presentation, etc, which all play a key role in achieving success in the professional business life, while we were still in the university...”  This way of thinking brought them to the personal development congress, where 15 professional instructors provide 15 different full-day trainings that are very important for career development. The program, “My Career is in My Hands”, which has been organized before in Atatürk University, Eskişehir Anatolian University and Kayseri Erciyes University, has been held at Dicle University this time. As the primary sponsor of the project Bilim Pharmaceuticals HR Director Mr. Aykut Bora summarizes the scope of the project as follows: “It is the largest and the most comprehensive development congress in Turkey. It is a different success story that it is a completely voluntary project.” Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers Turkish Leader Dilek METE speaks as follows: “Interest shown by the students of Dicle University in the congress further strengthened our belief with regard to the necessity of our project. Limited working opportunities and education facilities in the eastern part of Turkey make students hopeless. With these training programs, we make young people to gain self-confidence and have trust in their future. We tell them, although the number of opportunities is limited, it is still possible to shape their future by means of accurate information and right decisions. In this program, we make them begin their careers one step ahead by gaining such talents as leadership, teamwork, effective presentation, etc, which are deemed as the key for being successful in the professional business life. We aim to reach a higher number of universities and a higher number of students every year, so that we can shape the future of many more people.”


Launched in Eskişehir Anatolian University as a pilot project with 60 students in 2008, the project turned into a 3-day program in Erzurum Atatürk University in 2009 and in Kayseri Erciyes University in 2010 in which 300 people participated (for each of the two organizations). It is now improved and has become a 4-day program, in which more than 1,600 students participated. Junior and senior students participated in the congress (with Kariyer.net as its communication sponsor) by applying through kariyer.net.
Students received training from 15 different instructors, who are specialized in their own areas, with respect to many categories, from individual leadership to becoming and managing a team, from personal behavioral models to body language and individual image. Thanks to the project, they got the chance to obtain significant information with respect to career options and roadmaps that lead to success and to add in their resumes the certificates that they were given for participating in the congress. Instructors brought together by Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers and the topics of their training programs were as follows: Ayşe Köse - “Communication in the Career Path”; Başak Güçlü - “Volunteering in the Private Sector”; Betül Bozkurt - “Individual Leadership”; Candan Erdemci “I Hear You, I Understand You”; Çağlar Çabuk - “Future Begins From Today”; Dilek Mete - “My Career is in My Hands: Career Goals and Career Planning”; Erol Tuncer - “Body Language and Personal Image Tactics”; Ferda Binatlı Gümüş - “Emotional Intelligence in Business Life”; Güray Sabit - “Teamwork in Corporate Life”; Hakan Tetik - “Strategic Thinking”; Hanife Tanışan - “Knowing Yourself”; Nurdan Akalın Terazi - “Success in Interviews”; Kürşat Acartürk - “Effective Presentation Techniques” and “Positive Thinking and Stress Management”; Rıfat Bayraç - “New Psychology of Success”; Serra Titiz - “Sustainable Growth and Social Entrepreneurship”; and Sinan Akdoğan - “Personal Behavioral Models and Relationships” and “Overview of Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry”.
Bilim Pharmaceuticals Became The First Pharmaceutical Company To Receive The EFQM Excellence Award / 28.10.2011
Having broken new ground in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS is now proud to have achieved success in Europe too.
BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS became the first company and the FIRST PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY to be deemed worthy of the EFQM EXCELLENCE AWARD, an award which no company in Europe has received for the last three years.  In addition to the Excellence Award, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS was the FIRST FIRM to be deemed worthy of the Achievement Award in four different categories. Having participated in the splendid award ceremony held in BMW Welt in Munich on October 25th, the Chairman of the Board of Bilim Pharmaceuticals, Bülent KARAAĞAÇ and the CEO of Bilim Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Erhan BAŞ, received this prestigious award on behalf of all of their colleagues.


BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS, as a 100% Turkish owned company, won the “EFQM Excellence Award” on behalf of Turkey on this very prestigious platform (no company has been deemed worthy of the Award since 2008) in the category of “Large Scale Enterprises” among all sectors in Europe. On the EFQM Excellence Award platform, where awards have been handed out since 1992, no national or international pharmaceutical company has received the EFQM EXCELLENCE AWARD and no corporation has been deemed worthy of the Prizes in 4 different categories simultaneously. BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS, both as a record- and a ground-breaker, became the FIRST COMPANY to be deemed worthy of the EFQM EXCELLENCE AWARD and the EFQM Excellence Prizes in 4 different categories.

In addition to the EFQM Excellence Award, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS received the Prizes in the following categories:
  • Adding value for customers
  • Managing by processes
  • Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity
  • Achieving Balanced Results


Devoting itself to quality by adopting the EFQM Excellence Model in 1998, and steadily sustaining its efforts towards achieving excellence, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS has pioneered many new developments, receiving the “EFQM Recognised for Excellence” approval in 2004, the “TÜSİAD (Turkish Industry & Business Association) - KalDer (Turkish Society for Quality)-National Quality Award” in 2006, the title as the “Finalist of the EFQM Excellence Award” in 2009 and the “TÜSİAD-KalDer- Sustainable Excellence Award” in 2010 - the most prestigious award given in Turkey to recognize efforts related to the Excellence Model.


Dr. Erhan BAŞ, the CEO of BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS, a company 100% owned by Turkish capital with an effective and deeply rooted position in the Turkish pharmaceutical market, said the following at the award ceremony: “We progress in our journey by assuring continuous development and ensuring that all of our stakeholders share our achievements. In addition, we would like to develop and broaden the Excellence Model which we have been applying at BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS, to set an example for national and international corporations both in and outside our sector, and to guide them and ourselves, and to help realize our mission.”


The Brussels/Belgium-based EFQM (European Foundation For Quality Management) has more than 500 members operating in 50 different sectors in 55 countries. About 30,000 organizations are currently applying the EFQM Excellence Model. In Turkey, international EFQM Excellence Model practices are carried out by KalDer (Turkish Society for Quality). EFQM provides an information sharing platform to its member corporations of different sizes that operate in different sectors through the excellence model that it provides for sustainable economic growth.

The  EFQM Excellence Award comprises of 8 basic concepts and 9 criteria. Companies which have demonstrated superior success within the framework of the Excellence Model are nominated for the award. Receiving the EFQM Excellence Award is an indication that an organization employs the best practices in important areas such as Leadership, Strategy, Employees, Partnerships and Resources, Processes, Products and Services, Customer Results, Employee Results, Society Results and Key Performance Results, and also the organization has conducted these practices broadly at all levels and evaluated itself with a philosophy of achieving continuous improvement and has thus shown progress. Through these approaches, while the satisfaction of all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers and the society is guaranteed, a contribution is also made to the company’s reputation.


Active since 1953, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS is a 100% Turkish capital owned company that carries out production and marketing activities in the strategically important pharmaceutical industry.

Ranked 3rd among 300 companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS continues to grow more rapidly than the wider market at all times.

BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS undertakes its production activities in two separate plants. Approved by the German Ministry of Health, Bilim Çerkezköy is one of Turkey’s most significant penicillin manufacturing plants. Approved by the British Ministry of Health, Bilim Gebze is Turkey’s largest, newest and most environment-friendly drug manufacturing plant.

BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS contributions significantly to the Turkish economy through new products, which it has developed in the largest R&D center of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry which has a laboratory area of 4,500 square meters.

With its ability to compete in global markets and export to 48 countries, thanks to the quality and specifications of its products, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS primary markets are Asia, Europe, Africa, the Far East, Latin America and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

In a sensitive industry that directly concerns human health, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS prioritizes quality and adopts respect for future generations as a corporate value.

As a pioneer with its community- and environment-friendly investments, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS broke new ground in Turkey by obtaining level A approval from the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) with its corporate responsibility report.


Bilim Pharmaceuticals, Supporting Employees’ Talents Wins The “Talent Management” Award / 30.09.2011
BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS received the award in the “Talent Management” category at the Human Management Awards organized by PERYÖN (Personnel Management Association of Turkey) in which 29 companies competed in five different categories with a total of 40 award applications.
BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS received the award in the “Talent Management” category at the Human Management Awards organized by PERYÖN (Personnel Management Association of Turkey) in which 29 companies competed in five different categories with a total of 40 award applications. BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS was also one of the three finalists in the “Personnel Recruitment” category of the People Management Awards.

With its results announced at the PERYÖN 25th European People Management Congress, the People Management Awards were given to their winners at the ceremony held at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress Centre on Thursday September 29th.  Carrying out innovative efforts in the field of human resources within the framework of the EFQM Excellence Model since 1998, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ Human Resources Executive, Dilek Mete received the award from Tiisetso Tsukudu, President of the WFPMA (World Federation of People Management Associations) Africa.

At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, each and every employee is a talent; each talent offers potential!

In his declaration regarding the “Talent Management Award” that the company is deemed worthy of, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ Human Resources Director, Aykut BORA, mentioned that they see each and every employee as offering a different talent; and they create a participative working environment that will unveil and improve the employees’ potential by preparing individual development opportunities for them and allow them to make use of career opportunities. “BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS deals with talent management with a holistic point of view by integrating it into all business processes of the company. During the recruitment process, it evaluates candidates not only according to the requirements of the present time, but also according to their future potential. Those who step forward by making use of the development opportunities that the company offers to all employees within the framework of equality of opportunity are prepared for future leadership positions through facilities such as participating in the “Stars Team Development Program”, in which new generation leaders are trained, as well as studying for master’s degree or PhD. Unveiling and improving talents through systems like the leadership concept, potential evaluation system, development center practices, the Bilimk@mpüs education portal, etc., BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS also makes these talents loyal to the company through such initiatives as Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers, Bilim Family, Bilim Children’s World, Creativeness and Innovation Platform, Honoring and Rewarding systems,” said Mr. BORA.

BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS “voluntarily” improves its employees’ talents as individuals, who respect future generations and are aware of their social responsibilities.

In talent development programs, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS introduces extensive training programs and offers coaching to leading candidates of the future. Information provided the through training program is converted into talent by starred employees in voluntary projects. Within the framework of talent management, successful leaders who work voluntarily in a camp of the disabled, learn how to overcome their own barriers. Starred employees, who are candidates for the first level of leadership, on the other hand, voluntarily convince and motivate their co-workers, manage resources and distribute works among volunteers for a unique and challenging social responsibility target. They have to carry out this entire process by creating time and taking responsibility and without interrupting their own jobs. Achieving this is a significant experience and development opportunity for the leader candidate of the future.

BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS hires those who have the potential to shape the company’s future!

As emphasised in its Human Resources policy, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS carries out a systematic hiring process that prioritizes candidate satisfaction, in order to choose, with the principle of equality of opportunity, those candidates, who have the talent, knowledge and development potential to carry BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS towards the future and who focus on success, teamwork and creating value. For that reason, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS competed in the “Personnel Recruitment” category at the PERYÖN People Management Awards, thanks to the effective management of its hiring process. The company’s hiring management system, which has been developed parallel to its corporate culture so as to ensure the recruitment of personnel, who bear required qualifications and competence, allowed the company to be a finalist in this category.


PERYÖN (Personnel Management Association of Turkey) is the first NGO in Turkey to operate in the People Management area. The association has been rendering service for 40 years to meet the requirements of professionals in the area of People Management through some 3,000 members and its headquarters in Istanbul and branches in 5 different regions. It leads the establishment of platforms that contribute to employment and support professional development. It contributes to the generalization of occupational education and increasing employment by carrying out binding and strengthening efforts in collaboration with the business world, the public sector and universities. PERYÖN People Management Awards are offered to support organizations in the area of people management, to guide them by means of internationally recognized instruments and to reward the successful ones in this challenging area. Applications are evaluated under a total of five categories: Recruitment, Performance Management, Education and Development Management, Talent Management and Practices that Make Difference. Developed by PERYÖN, measurement and benchmarking criteria are held subject to the award pre-assessment process, which is carried out with the support of Saratoga, the benchmark business line of PricewaterhouseCoopers. The competition is then completed with the evaluation of the applications by a jury that comprises of people from the academic and business world who set the agenda. The 2011 Awards Jury comprises of important people who set the agenda of the sector in Turkey, such as Bekir Kural, Koray Arıkan, Rıdvan Yirmibeşoğlu, Mehmet Ünal, Saide Kuzeyli, Prof.Dr. Nakiye Boyacıgiller, Salih Sözer, and Prof. Dr. Selime Sezgin, etc.


Bilim Pharmaceuticals Raised Diabetes-Related Awareness Of Athletes And The Local Community, Who Participated In The Lycian Trail Ultra Marathon / 28.09.2011
2nd ‘Lycian Trail Ultra Marathon’, which is sponsored by BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS, started in Fethiye on Monday September 26th. The marathon will be completed in the Antique City of Phaselis on Sunday October 2nd with participants running on a different leg of the 240 km portion of the historical 509km long Lycian trail each day.
BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS turned one of the tents, which were all prepared within the form of a yoruk tent to allow athletes rest stops, into the “BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ Tent of Raising Awareness on Diabetes” with the following motto: “more information, more therapy”. On the preparation day of the marathon, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS informed sports men and women, the press and the local community on diabetes and, in particular, drew attention to the “prevalence of Type 2 diabetes”, which has high insulin-resistance. The primary focus was on unhealthy nutrition, excessive weight and immobile life as factors behind the rise of diabetes. BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ diabetes team was on duty in the tent, providing participants with diet lists, calorie scales and informative brochures on diabetes.


Held for the 2nd time this year, the Lycian Trail Ultra Marathon was the first ultra-marathon in Turkey. A total of 27 athletes from Turkey, Russia, Denmark, the USA and the UK participated in the marathon, which was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Athletes, who run with a back-pack that contains materials such as food and drinks and which cover their daily needs, will complete in this challenging and exciting marathon within 6 days.


Within The Framework Of World Alzheimer’s Day, Bilim Pharmaceuticals And Mersin University Tell The Story Of “40 Lives” That Were Illuminated By “40 Lights” / 16.09.2011
The book and the documentary entitled “40 Işık 40 Hayat” (40 Lights, 40 Lives) will shine light on many “lives”.
BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS and MERSIN UNIVERSITY were a source of light for 40 families with an Alzheimer’s patient, and accordingly, for hundreds of thousands of Alzheimer’s patients in Turkey and their relatives, through the project entitled “40 Işık - 40 Hayat” (40 Lives – 40 Lights), which was implemented to raise social awareness on the Alzheimer’s disease and to raise the quality of life of patients and their relatives. The project, which was conducted with the cooperation between Dementia Division of the Department of Neurology at the Faculty of Medicine, Medical Services Vocational School of Higher Education, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Science and Literature in Mersin University, was launched at a press conference held at Conrad Istanbul Hotel on Monday, September 19th, 2011 within the framework of World Alzheimer’s Day event.

The meeting, in which the CEO of Bilim Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Erhan Baş and Prof. Dr. Aynur Özge, an Academic at the Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Mersin University, provided information on the project, with the participation of members of the project team and representatives of patient relatives. Dr. Erhan Baş, in his speech, drew attention to the fact that the project, “40 Işık – 40 Hayat” (40 Lights – 40 Lives), is one of Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ sustainable corporate responsibility projects. Mr. Baş mentioned that the company would like to continue to implement the project with other universities following Mersin University, which has an Elderly Care Services program in their Medical Services Vocational School of Higher Education. “Turkey’s population is gradually getting older. Because of the ageing population, the number of chronic disorders is increasing. As people live longer in Turkey, the number of Alzheimer’s cases gradually rises because of ageing. We aim to raise social awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, which is also known as dementia. Affecting about 450,000 people in Turkey and more than 35 million throughout the world, the number afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease will rapidly increase in the coming years; acting upon this fact, we carry out projects that aim to raise the quality of life patients and their relatives. Within this framework, we launched the Alzheimer’s Call Center in 2009, a first in Turkey. The ’40 Işık – 40 Hayat’ project, which we launched today, is our most recent social investment program related to Alzheimer’s disease. We shall keep conducting sustainable projects in this area”, added Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ CEO, Dr. Erhan Baş.  

Prof. Dr. Aynur Özge – an Academic at the Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Mersin University, who was the originator of the project, said the following about the project: “We designed the ‘40 Işık - 40 Hayat’ project so as to observe mutual interaction by matching, within the framework of a program, 40 university students, who get education with respect to professional elderly care to work in respective areas in the future, with 40 families that need service in this area. Thanks to the project, families which need information and support with respect to tackling Alzheimer’s disease received on-site support from specialists on this subject. They met other families facing the same problem and shared their experiences. In this project, which was realized with the professional efforts of the ’40 Işık – 40 Hayat’ team but with the enthusiasm of an amateur spirit, we received positive feedback from both students and instructors, as well as patients and their relatives.”

“This project taught us how we have to approach a taboo concept like ‘Alzheimer’s patient’ and how to establish communication with patients and their relatives. By applying what we learned, we were able to bring some support to their lives. Our experiences allowed us to look at our occupation with a realistic point of view”, says Şule Sevim on behalf of “40 Işık” (40 Lights).


Şenay Topal, who represents “40 Hayat” (40 Lives) and whose mother is an Alzheimer’s patient, expressed her feelings: “As indicated by the name of the project, students brought light in and livened up the home of each patient’s relative. When the project was over, each of the students was accepted as the daughter or son of each visited home. While trying to recover our balance in our fight against a disease that has extremely exhausted and aged us, educated young people came to our homes and became our guests for a period of 12 weeks with no thought of personal gain. The project, ’40 Işık – 40 Hayat’, showed us that we are not alone by providing us with the reflection of young people’s energy, proved us that we will be relieved of our burdens through sharing and encouraged us in what we will do from now on.”

Having organized art therapy work in the project, Sculptor Özge Kar says, “We have observed that the art therapy, which was implemented within the framework of the project, improved patients’ concentration and emotional status and increased their emotional connection with the practitioner  by creating a new and non-verbal way of establishing communication. We found out that patients become happy for their new capabilities instead of feeling bad about their lost capabilities, and there are positive developments in patients’ efforts to become socialized both within their families and in the community”, thus drawing attention to the impact of the therapy on patients.


The project, “40 Işık - 40 Hayat”, was carried out in Mersin between February 11th – May 28th, 2011 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Aynur Özge - an Academic at the Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Mersin University – with the contribution of Bilim Pharmaceuticals. Within the framework of the project, 40 students, who receive training with respect to professional elderly care services, including nursing services and psychology, were supported with 16 hours of theoretic training and 3 hours of applied art therapy training, which also included information on the Alzheimer’s disease and associated problems, the progress of the disorder, the impact of the disease on patients’ relatives and technical data about the issue. Within the framework of the project, 40 students visited 40 families in their homes for 2 days a week for a period of 3 months and established active communication with patients and their relatives. Families received professional support from students and while students were dealing with Alzheimer’s patients, patients’ relatives spent time for themselves. Within the framework of “40 Işık – 40 Hayat”, Consultant Psychologist Kahraman Kıral and Specialist Nurse, Aslıhan Yandım, who are assistant project coordinators, conducted visits to offer support to students and families. When needed, the project team provider medical support services as well.


As well as providing information, students allowed patients to participate in various social and cultural activities, in an attempt to raise their own and their relatives’ awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as their motivation. They went to a dinner, went on a walk and they went to the cinema together. 40 students, who initially received “Art Therapy” training, conducted some work as a hobby with the support of their teacher, Sculptor Özge Kar, during home visits; these works of art were exhibited during the press launch.


Activities performed during the “40 Işık - 40 Hayat” project were recorded by an experienced team under the supervision of Assistant Professor Hakan Erkılıç, who is an academic at the Cinema-TV Department of the Faculty of Communication at Mersin University. Filming supported by interviews on appointment were edited; as a result, a documentary for the project was prepared.


The entire project was monitored by Assistant Prof. Dr. Nesrin Canbek Mengi, an academic at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature of Faculty of Science and Literature at Mersin University. Sound-recording interviews were made with patient relatives who agreed to be interviewed. Their stories were listened to, edited and gathered in a book of comments. The book was supported with poems written and pictures drawn by patients and their relatives.


Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive geriatric disorder, which leads to the loss of many functions, as well as memory loss, due to irreversible cell destruction in the brain. Function loss, which is observed during the progress of the disease, is also of particular concern to the patient’s relative. Patients who gradually lose their mental and physical capabilities need close supervision and active care. This difficult period causes patient relatives, who are deemed as “hidden victims”, to be exhausted, a situation that ultimately leads to flaws in patient care. For this reason, it is vitally important that the patient’s relative is well-informed of patient care and provided with necessary support and empathy, thus ensuring social solidarity.
Alzheimer’s Disease with Numbers:

  • There are approximately 35.6 million Alzheimer’s patients throughout the world.
  • It is estimated that the number of patients will reach 65.7 million by 2030 and 115.4 million by 2050.
  • The ratio of patients in women is higher than in men.
  • The number of Alzheimer’s patients in Turkey is estimated to be about 450,000.
  • In Turkey, 70-79% of the patients in urban regions and 90-94% of the patients in rural regions are taken care of in homes.
  • On early diagnosis and if the necessary treatment is arranged, the time that elapses until the patient becomes bedridden may be extended up to 10 years.
  • 70-82% of patient’s relatives have many psychological and physical disorders, such as depression, sleep disturbance, anxiety disorder, etc.
*Source: World Health Organization (WHO), Alzheimer’s Disease International and Alzheimer’s Foundation


Bilim Pharmaceuticals Awarded An “A” Rating From Gri For Its Corporate Responsibility Report, Breaking New Ground / 15.08.2011
In recognition of its Corporate Responsibility Report published in 2011, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS received an “A” rating from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a globally-recognized reporting standard agency.
In recognition of its Corporate Responsibility Report published in 2011, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS received an “A” rating from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a globally-recognized reporting standard agency. The report was included among GRI’s exemplary reports. As a company that carries out significant work with respect to corporate responsibility and sustainability, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ report was the first and only report in Turkey to be approved with an “A” rating. Published last year, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ first Corporate Responsibility Report broke new ground in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry.

BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS announced its targets with respect to sustainable development in its Corporate Responsibility Report, where it provided information on the environmental, economic and social impacts of its activities and its efforts with respect to sustainability.

With the most environmentally friendly drug manufacturing plant in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS cut its electricity consumption per box by 9.50% and natural gas consumption per box by 9.95% in 2010, when compared to 2008. The company also set the target of reducing carbon emissions per box by 2.50% by the end of 2012 compared to its 2010 carbon emissions.

As the most rapidly growing pharmaceutical company in the last 5 years, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS ended 2010 with a 5.1% market share, ranking in 3rd place. Having begun its sustainability journey in 1998, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS established the “Sustainability Board” in 2009, which is comprised of the employees that represent all of the company’s departments and assisted by the CEO, in order to ensure that business strategies are revised in parallel with its sustainability approach and applied accordingly.

Within the framework of the vision introduced to the company by the principle of sustainability, which was included in the company’s business processes, people’s happiness, social development and environmental protection are considered as matters of high priority. Advancing forward in the light of this point of view, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS became the first company in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry to calculate its carbon footprint and to prepare an improvement plan since 2009, with the strategy of protecting the environment and reducing the use of natural resources.

Between 1999 and 2011, there were a total of 7,435 GRI-approved Corporate Responsibility Reports throughout the world. Only 463 of these reports were approved with an “A” rating. With its Corporate Responsibility Report, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS was the first company in Turkey to receive an “A” rating from the GRI. BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ target is to publish an “A+” rated report in 2012 and thus strengthen its leadership in this area.

The primary topics discussed in BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, which was prepared by taking the principles of the Global Compact and GRI G3 standards into account, were as follows: the company’s economic business continuity, to ensure employee satisfaction in business and labor force practices, protection of employee rights in a manner which respects human rights, contributing to the community of presence, to manage relations with customers and suppliers in an ethical and fair manner and to reduce the company’s environmental impacts.

Treating the sharing of its sustainability efforts with all of its stakeholders in a transparent manner as a core responsibility, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ “A” rated report can be found on www.bilimilac.com.tr.
It is Dicle University’s turn to say “My Career Is In My Hands”… / 10.08.2011
World Youth Day has been celebrated by the United Nations every year on August 12th, since 1999. World Youth Day celebrations keep the problems faced by the young on the agenda, raising social awareness on the matter and encouraging young people recognize how to improve their lives and their community. Performing significant activities and projects on social issues, Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers, with the slogan “be part of the solution”, carry out projects aimed at educating young people in parallel with the activities performed by the United Nations. One of these is the “My Career Is In My Hands” project, launched in 2008.

The Project aims at integrating young people into the labor force in Turkey, where the unemployment rate among young people is about 22%.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers bring instructors who provide guidance to university students in respect to deciding on their career paths. “My Career Is In My Hands” project aims to allow young people to improve their knowledge and talents, to help them create their own visions and to ensure that they begin their careers one step ahead. “My Career Is In My Hands” program, which has already been launched in Erzurum Atatürk University, Eskişehir Anatolian University and Kayseri Erciyes University, will be held at Diyarbakır Dicle University between October 31st and November 3rd.

A higher number of students are being offered solutions every year

Launched in 2008 at Eskişehir Anatolian University as a pilot application with a total of 60 participants, the project “My Career Is In My Hands” has evolved to a comprehensive program. The program was organized for a 3-day period at Erzurum Atatürk University in 2009 and at Kayseri Erciyes University in 2010 with 300 participants and is planned for a 4-day period with 500-1,000 participants in 2011.

The project includes young people receiving training from 15 lecturers from a variety of areas, from individual leadership to becoming and managing a team, and from personal behavior models to body language and individual image. Thanks to the project, students receive significant information and tools to shape their careers. They are also provided with a certificate, which they can include in their CVs.

Among the specialized instructors brought by Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers, the following people draw attention: Güray Sabit from Future Leaders, Ayşe Köse from REMEDA, Anıl Adanalı from ADISA, Nurdan Akalın Terazi and Ferda Binatlı Gümüş from PDR Group TMI, with Sinan Akdoğan and Dilek Mete from Bilim Pharmaceuticals.


Bilim Pharmaceuticals Ever Closer To You With Facebook After Pharmacies / 30.05.2011
Bilim Pharmaceuticals, which has been operating in pharmaceuticals with 100% Turkish capital since 1953, is now off to meet social media users.
Bilim Pharmaceuticals, which has been operating in pharmaceuticals with 100% Turkish capital since 1953, is now off to meet social media users. Biliç Pharmaceuticals is committed to convey the fastest and most up-to-date news on social media at facebook.com/BilimPharmaceuticals and twitter.com/bilimpharma addresses, the most active communication means of the modern age.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals allows you to just click on what you would like to learn

Social media users can find the introductory movie at “About Bilim Pharmaceuticals” and have a look at current issues, follow up Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ achievements and  learn more about volunteer events and social investment projects undertaken by Bilim Pharmaceuticals with a view to satisfy corporate responsibilities. Moreover, doctors can have access to up-to-date information pages specially-designed for them, while the other visitors have a look at what they would like to learn.

Both in English and Turkish, facebook.com/BilimPharmaceuticals and facebook.com/Bilimilac addresses are set to spur most attention to the “career” page, where internship opportunities at Bilim Pharmaceuticals are announced, besides interviews with employees on being a member of Bilim Pharmaceuticals family and human resources policies. 
Anyone, who wishes to build a career in pharmaceuticals and work at Bilim Pharmaceuticals, can have access to further information about recruitment process, training and development programs, performance management, career management, wages policy and social rights at “How can I be a member of Bilim?”
Sustainability nestles in Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ spirit
Bilim Pharmaceuticals sets the top-priority sustainability subjects as human satisfaction, social development, human health-product safety and elimination of environmental effects, while sharing approaches constructed with an insight of responsible company, innovations and projects in the most transparent way with social media followers. Followers can enjoy the opportunity to view and further learn about the Report on Corporate Responsibility.

For more information, please visit:


Bilim Pharmaceuticals Organizes “Carbon Free” Business Partners Summit / 24.05.2011
Carrying out serious works regarding sustainability especially since 2009 by adopting a corporate responsibility approach, Bilim Pharmaceuticals organized “Business Partners Summit” themed “Corporate Responsibility for Sustainability” in May with the participation of its stakeholders.
Carrying out serious works regarding sustainability especially since 2009 by adopting a corporate responsibility approach, Bilim Pharmaceuticals organized “Business Partners Summit” themed “Corporate Responsibility for Sustainability” in May with the participation of its stakeholders. Upon calculating its carbon footprint arising from its activities since 2009, Bilim Pharmaceuticals allocated resources to carbon emission decrease certificates of Kores Wind Power Plant near İzmir in order to reset the carbon footprint of 5.8 tons arising due to Business Partners Summit.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals considered as the company of the Turkish pharmaceutical sector with the highest growth rate in the last 5 years lead the way for the sector and stakeholders with its works in sustainability. Bilim Pharmaceuticals prepared an action plan regarding the decrease of carbon footprint under the framework of 2011-2014 strategic plan and aims for decreasing its carbon footprint as realized in 2009 by 7 percent in 2014. 


Organizing the Business Partners Summit themed “Corporate Responsibility for Sustainability” in order the raise the awareness of business partners and suppliers, Bilim Pharmaceuticals provided suggestions and recommendations for leaving behind a habitable world to future generations by giving examples from its own works. Bilim Pharmaceuticals has calculated its carbon footprint arising from its activities since 2009 in order to understand the impacts of its own activities on global climate change and to take the required measures in this respect. Within the framework of these works, Bilim Pharmaceuticals calculated the impact of “Business Partners Summit” attended by a large number of participants with myclimate Turkiye, a joint venture of Swiss non-governmental organization myclimate in Turkey. The carbon emissions of participants resulting from their arrival to the event area and of the tools and equipments used during the event, power used for lightning, heating and cooling, preparation of food and drinks served during the event and transport of the materials used to the event area and disposition of the printed materials, booths, leaflets and wastes arising during the event are taken into consideration in the calculation. According to the calculations, the carbon footprint of the event is calculated as 5.81 ton and Bilim Pharmaceuticals neutralized the carbon footprint resulting from this event with the carbon emission decrease certificates of Kores Window Power Plant near İzmir, documented by Gold Standard under carbon neutralization project portfolio of myclimate Turkiye and having the highest criteria among the voluntary carbon standards. 

Bilim Pharmaceuticals became entitled to obtain a “carbon neutral” document for “Business Partners Summit” as a result of its carbon neutralization application.

myclimate Turkiye

myclimate Turkiye - Climate Protection Partnership is the joint venture of
myclimate, a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland considered as one of the world leading voluntary carbon neutralization organizations, in Turkey. myclimate Turkiye to enhance its comprehensive service alternatives offered within the framework of «prevent-reduce-neutralize» and «do your best and neutralize the rest» principles in a scientific and sector-oriented way. myclimate Turkiye offers carbon management services, carbon footprint calculation, lifecycle analyses, carbon neutralization project development and trainings to raise public awareness regarding climatic change.


Bilim Pharmaceuticals Shakes Corporate Games / 20.05.2011
Bilim Pharmaceuticals, this year too, was ranked the 2nd amongst 165 companies and their 4.800 employees that participated in Istanbul Corporate Games following awards including 10 grand, 2 second and 11 third prizes.
Having been organized for 23 years, the World’s Corporate Games hosts a record number of companies from Turkey every year. With Istanbul pier in its 9th year, the event welcomed 165 companies including their 4.800 employees. A rigid competition pervaded Istanbul Corporate Games that took place between 13th and 15th of May. 

Companies exhibited their talents in 17 branches within the framework of Corporate Games, comprising Golf, Basketball 3’s, Soccer 7’s, Beach Volleyball 4’s, Volleyball, Dragon Boat, Karting, Mountain Biking, Bocce, Tug of War, Running, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, Bowling, Sailing and Chess.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals team came off the second best amongst 165 companies, with its 43 sportsmen collecting 10 grand, 2 second and 11 third prizes. Gathering 23 medals amongst branch prizes in Race and Beach Volleyball as well as 4,800 participants, Bilim Pharmaceuticals was awarded the “Most Successful Company”.

Bilim Pharmceuticals won 3 grand, 1 second and 1 third prizes in race, 3 grand and 1 second prizes in swimming, 4 grand in beach volleyball 3 third in basketball 3’s and 7 third in football 7’s.

Competing in men’s and women’s 5 km category respectively, Muhsin Ünlü and Özgür Civak won the grand prizes. İlknur Kıran won the second prize in women’s 5 km category and Güven Koç won the third prize in men’s 10 km category. The 1600 metre-relay race ended with Bilim Pharmaceuticals team coming off the first, which included Muhsin Ünlü, Güven Koç, Özgür Civak and İlknur Kıran. 

Marching towards the record in the swimming team, Bilim Pharmaceuticals employee Barış Arslan outperformed his rivals in Corporate Games with 3 grand prizes in 50 meter-, 50 meter-backstroke and 100 meter- races plus a third prize in 50 metre-freestyle swimming. In beach volley mixed open category, Ömer Ürküp, Muazzez Yeşim Erkuş, Abdullah Çalışkan and Naz Demirel ranked the first.

In basketball 3’s men’s category, Murat Kasımoğlu, İnanç Akyıldız, Cenker Çetin Tagay, Asaf Özşerik and Sinan Belhan were granted the third prize.

In soccer 7’s men’s category, the team of Çetin Ayten, Mustafa Murat Arda, Mahmut Özer, Okan Yaver, Cem Kaya, Uğur Üngör, Cihan Turan, Tufan Gümrükçü and Özgür Öner Yıldırım came off the third.
Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ team is going to represent Turkey and their company in the World’s Corporate Games.


A poet passed through Bakırköy… / 15.03.2011
Poems written by patients, who are receiving treatment at the Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Mental Facility, were dubbed by famous artists such as Teoman, Ahmet Özhan, Soner Arıca, Betül Demir, Mercan & Rashit and Demet Sağıroğlu and gathered under an album entitled ‘Düşünen Şarkılar’ (Thinking Songs).
Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Mental Facility (BRSHH) and Bilim Pharmaceuticals carried out an important social responsibility project in order to overcome society’s prejudices against individuals with mental illnesses, especially schizophrenics. Poems written the patients undergoing treatment at the mental facility were set to music and gathered under an album entitled ‘Düşünen Şarkılar’ (Thinking Songs) by the psychiatrist, Dr. Vedat Bilgiç and the music instructor, Volkan Uruk,
Poems that were compiled and collected in a book entitle ‘İnilti’ (Moaning) by a literature teacher named Bedia Tuncer in 1964 were dubbed by famous artists such as Teoman, Ahmet Özhan, Soner Arıca, Betül Demir, Mercan & Rashit and Demet Sağıroğlu. Bilim Pharmaceuticals sponsored the album as part of its projects entitled “Gerçekler Maskelenmesin” (Let Facts Not Be Masked) and “Ateşin Düştüğü Yerden, Sesler, Yüzler, Öyküler” (From Where the Fire Fell: Voices, Faces, Stories).

Having made a speech at the press conference held at The Marmara Hotel on Tuesday March 15th for the promotion of the album, the Chief Physician Ass. Prof. Dr. Erhan Hurt said: “There is a famous saying: ‘a word that does not fit the council comes from the lunatic’… This piece, in one way, turns the words of ‘lunatics’ which do not fit the council into notes. It is an effort of these people to submit their messages to the world with melodies and the universal language of music”.

Stressing that art, especially poetry and music, is one of the most important means of existing and bringing yourself into existence, Ass. Prof. Dr. Kurt continued as follows:
“In our culture, there is a special relationship between music and mental illnesses. Seeing music as the food of the soul, our culture created the necessary basis for Turkish doctors to make use of music in the treatment of mental illnesses for several centuries. This project began with a simple purpose and it still carries that same simple purpose; to demonstrate that our patients are like everyone else and no different from them… Our patients are sometimes treated as ‘aliens’, a situation which makes us very sad. Our patients are emotionally affected, fall in love, write poems and compose music like everyone, because they are only patients, not ‘stupid’. Our aim is to contribute to the efforts to prevent marginalization of individuals with mental illnesses. At the Bakırköy Mental Facility, we are happy to announce such a project to the public in the week of March 14th, the Medical Day.”

At the conference, Dr. Erhan Baş - Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ CEO – said the following in his speech: “In line with our corporate responsibility, we have been carrying out a number of social responsibility exercises. The project, ‘Thinking Songs’, which is conducted by the Bakırköy Mental Facility, is an important corporate responsibility project for us. Our main purpose in supporting this meaningful project is to draw attention to mental illnesses with a particular focus on schizophrenia and to show what patients can do and how productive they can be when they are given the chance. Within the framework of our social responsibility project entitled ‘From Where the Fire Fell: Voices, Faces, Stories’, which we have been carrying out for three years, we are very happy and honored to also support the project, ‘Thinking Songs’”.

While all songs and poems are inspired by true stories, each occasion, each feeling and each expression told in the songs carry the traces of real life stories.

In this project, invigorated by the voices of famous artists such as Teoman, Betül Demir, Demet Sağıroğlu, Ahmet Özhan, Soner Arıca, Mercan & Rashit, etc., Assistant Prof. Dr. Erhan Kurt vocalized the poem entitled “Teselli İsterken” (While Looking for Consolation).

The revenues generated from sales of the album will be donated to the Bakırköy Mental Facility Foundation and used in the rehabilitation of patients.


Winning The Same Record 4th Time Respect For Human At The Center / 17.02.2011
Bilim Pharmaceuticals which replies to job applications within a period not Exceeding 3 weeks with the system applied in its Human Resources with a content peculiar to the candidate, won the “Respect for Human” Award of Kariyer.net for the 4th time. Bilim Pharmaceuticals, by winning the reward for the 4th consecutive time in the same category in its sector, has thus broken a record of the sector.
Bilim Pharmaceuticals has been found worthy of numerous national and international awards in several categories from sustainable excellence to the most competitive company, and from environment awards to voluntary management, has just added a new one to its rewards. This year for the 4th time, Bilim Pharmaceuticals was found worthy of he Respect for Human Award acknowledged as one of the most prestigious awards of the human resources world given by Kariyer.net. Bilim Pharmaceuticals, managing to win the same award for the 4th consecutive time in its own sector both broke a record, and reinforced its success in the area by replying the job applications within a period not exceeding 3 weeks with content peculiar to the respective candidate.

 “Respect for Human Awards” arranged for the 10th time this year, were conferred on their respective owners via a ceremony realized in Lütfi Kırdar Culture and Congress Center Rumeli Hall on 16 February 2011. Therefore Bilim Pharmaceuticals has taken home for the 4th time the “Respect for Human Award” for companies exhibiting a “human” focus in their human resource practices.

Our ethical code “Respect for Human”

Bilim Pharmaceuticals Human Resources Director Aykut Bora said “we are proud of winning the Respect for Human Award 4 times in a row”, and indicated that true success should be sustainable and the award they are found worthy for four successive years is even further meaningful in this respect. Aykut Bora, noting that corporate values are behind every award conferred upon Bilim Pharmaceuticals until today, said “Bilim Pharmaceuticals has 5 assets: human happiness, respect for future generations, management through ethical principles, change and passion for success. In this context, Bilim Pharmaceuticals contributes to human health within the framework of its ethical values, and so meets the expectations of the health sector. Bilim Pharmaceuticals puts a focus on personal improvement, qualification and happiness of its employees without any concession from respect and care for environment and society. Consequently, it is not a surprise for Bilim Pharmaceuticals to have this award for the 4th time.”

Replies job applications within a period not exceeding 3 weeks with content peculiar to the candidate
Aykut Bora depicted that behind the success is the right and diligent approach of Bilim Pharmaceuticals on the subject of job applications and said, “one of the biggest problems candidates making a job application encounter is lack of any affirmative or negative replies for their applications. Bilim Pharmaceuticals demonstrates a quite right approach on the subject. Among our performance indicators as human resources, there is “reply ratio and period for candidates”, our replying to every applicant within 3 weeks after the interview is a result of our successfully applied system”. Bora also attracted attention that they are not in a different kind of preparation or effort except their ordinary working system to win the Respect for Human award thanks to the system. 

Awards in every category

Aykut Bora reminded that Bilim Pharmaceuticals is the owner of several awards like Sustainable Excellence, Most Competitive Company of the Year, Ruban d’Honneur Award in European Business Awards, environment and voluntary management awards, and said “We carry on our efforts with the responsibility and awareness of our management quality. Bilim Pharmaceuticals has been awarded important rewards of very different categories until today. These awards show the importance we attach to our business. So we, as the Human Resources Directorate, show a very sensitive approach to replying to the candidate applications. Replying of the applications is not only an indicator of our “respect for human” management understanding, but also a requirement of our reputation management on which we work diligently.”


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