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Bilim Pharmaceuticals and R&D

The basis of research and development activities at Bilim Pharmaceuticals is the value we attach to quality, people and life. Research and development activities are carried out meticulously at the Bilim Pharmaceuticals R&D Center under the Scientific Department Directorate.

With a 4,500 square meter laboratory area and one of the largest and most modern R&D centers in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, our R&D center was awarded the R&D Center Certificate on February 17, 2009.

At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, a well-organized, modern and encouraging research and development environment has been created that is able to respond to the needs of society, to introduce technical approaches, to have a stable management approach and scientific logic.

We create value for the future and people by increasing our research and development investments day by day, and we closely follow the development of technology and quickly adapt these new techniques to our R&D activities.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialists, Pharmaceutical Technologists, Patent Attorneys, Pharmacologists, Analytical Chemists, with bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees are working in the project teams working in our R&D center, which consists of more than 100 employees.

With an innovative R&D approach, more than 250 products in solid dosage forms (conventional/altered-release tablets, double-layer tablets, capsules, chewable tablets), liquid dosage forms (solutions, suspensions, syrups, drops, mouth/nose sprays), semi-solid dosage forms (creams, pomades, gels and lotions), dry powder inhalers and nebulized inhalation dosage forms have been developed in our own R&D laboratories in an effective, safe and stable manner.

We provide our agile and academic R&D staff with planned professional and personal development opportunities. Thanks to the understanding of sharing and transferring knowledge to new generations in our R&D Center, the know-how acquired in each new product process is transferred to the next project.


Bilim Pharmaceuticals R&D center consists of patent, active substance, new product formulation and analytical development, clinical research, project management, improvement, new product stability, technology transfer and CTD groups.

At Bilim Pharmaceuticals R&D Center, patent screening and evaluation studies, active substance characterization, analysis and approval studies, formulation and analytical method development studies, laboratory and pilot scale productions, process and analytical method validations, clinical studies, product improvement studies, new product stability studies, preparation of license files in CTD format are carried out with a QbD (Quality by Design) approach.

Another important role of our R&D center is to ensure that the culture of innovation, which has gained a significant place in today's world, becomes widespread within the organization.
In many projects that we carry out with innovative approaches, projects are created in cooperation with universities and other companies in the sector when necessary, and TÜBİTAK support is received.

Career at Bilim

We aim to create a corporate culture that is committed to our values, aiming to realize the loyalty and happiness of our employees at the highest level.