Corporate Responsibility

Our Sustainability Management


In a world dominated by an integrated thinking system, we address all positive, negative, expected and unexpected changes in every dimension to monitor the impact of our work and all the steps we take, so that we can take realistic actions to optimize the value we create for our stakeholders.

Why is it critical to optimize social value?

Optimizing the value of environmental, economic and social impacts directly impacts human welfare. Increasing human welfare and eliminating inequalities is only possible in this way. For this reason, we monitor the impact of our social investments as well as our business processes and strive to make the highest possible contribution to increasing human welfare.

Why is it critical to understand social value?

As Bilim Pharmaceuticals, we have always embraced the belief of "People First" since the first day we were founded. The contribution of the healthcare sector to human welfare undoubtedly requires carrying a different responsibility. Accurately understanding the impact of our work on our stakeholders and the value of these impacts is a prerequisite for managing our impact.

Understanding the impact and its value is what directly affects and feeds decision-making processes. Otherwise, it is inevitable that both financial and non-financial resources will be wasted. At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, we see the management of our resources as a responsibility towards our stakeholders and believe that we are obliged to manage them in the most accurate manner.


Impact management consists of three steps:

  1. Measuring impact
  2. Managing impact
  3. optimizing the effect

We identify and manage all aspects of our economic, environmental and social impact in line with international principles and standards.

In line with our sustainability strategy, we involve all our stakeholders in these processes. Our employees, suppliers, business partners and customers are among our biggest supporters on the path to sustainable development.

Social Impact Management

In every area where our business processes touch human welfare, we address our social impact in all its dimensions. Within our sustainability strategy, which is based on increasing our positive impacts and minimizing our negative impacts, we strive to increase our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

With our approach that focuses on results, not outputs, it is possible to take more realistic steps and manage our resources in the most accurate way while creating value for our stakeholders.

Environmental Impact Management

At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, we show utmost effort to use our resources in the most economical and cost-efficient manner. We prioritize a precautionary approach in all our business processes by meticulously monitoring outputs such as waste, while using mandatory production inputs such as energy and water consumption.

We carry out our activities in a way to protect natural resources, starting from the process of developing new products and applying for licenses in order to protect the environment, and throughout the processes of procurement, production, shipment and recycling of packaging waste of products placed on the market, taking into account the environmental dimension and environmental impacts.

We not only declare that we expect the sensitivity we show from all the organizations we cooperate with, but also check the competencies of raw material suppliers, packaging material suppliers, contract manufacturing companies and other service and assistance companies in the field of ISO 14001 according to the field of activity of the supplier company for performance evaluation. We include questions on environmental impacts in the supplier audit question list and quality surveys and keep them within the scope of the audit.

Economic Impact Management

At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, we are aware that we have significant impacts on both national and international economic systems arising from our operations with our two production facilities in Turkey, over 2000 employees, exports to more than 70 countries and over 500 suppliers. By keeping these impacts under control, increasing our positive impacts and minimizing any negative impacts identified, we ensure balanced, healthy and continuous development in the economic pillar of our sustainability strategy.


The Ethical Management approach is based on the corporate values ​​and working principles formed as a result of Bilim Pharmaceuticals' successful activities for many years. All Bilim Pharmaceuticals employees, regardless of rank and/or seniority, are within the scope of Ethical Principles of Management and are obliged to attend the training assigned to them within the scope of business ethics.

Our Ethics Board works meticulously to address the concerns of all our internal and external stakeholders regarding all kinds of business ethics, especially in the fight against corruption.

For all your questions and notifications regarding business ethics, you can reach our Ethics Board at


Bilim Pharmaceuticals' impacts are not limited to changes arising from business processes. Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers carry out activities that provide results (changes) with high value for stakeholders for the benefit of society, whose input is time, within the scope of the "Orange Hour". Since 2005, our volunteers, who have touched the lives of nearly eighty thousand people in total with nearly 1000 activities carried out within the scope of the Orange Hour, continue to contribute to human welfare.

Career at Bilim

We aim to create a corporate culture that is committed to our values, aiming to realize the loyalty and happiness of our employees at the highest level.