Bilim İlaç

Mission, Vision, Values


Our Mission

Bilim Pharmaceuticals develops medicines that protect human health and provide treatment, and manufactures them in accordance with international standards in its modern and high-tech facilities.

Promotes and markets its pharmaceuticals in domestic and foreign markets with a customer-oriented approach, ensuring availability and customer satisfaction at the highest level.

It grows efficiently, profitably and sustainably with the experience of being a well-established organization that values people and human health and adopts quality as a philosophy of life, the collaborations it develops and maintains, and its commitment to change.

Being aware that competent employees will be the driving force in competition, it ensures the highest level of employee loyalty and satisfaction through innovative human resources systems and a learning organization culture.

Protects the environment and natural resources with a sense of social responsibility, gives importance to ethical values, and contributes to the social and economic development of society.

Our Vision

In 2023;

  • To become the leading company in the Turkish pharmaceutical market by maintaining our healthy growth,

  • Maintaining our position as the largest exporting local pharmaceutical manufacturer and becoming a net exporter.

Our Values

Ethical Principled Management

Passion for Success

Respecting Future Generations



Career at Bilim

We aim to create a corporate culture that is committed to our values, aiming to realize the loyalty and happiness of our employees at the highest level.