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Bilim Published the First A+ Report of Turkey / 11.10.2012
With its Corporate Responsibility Report, published in 2011 and approved at level “A” by GRI, a globally recognized reporting standards institution, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS has raised its target this year. With this year’s Corporate Responsibility Report, approved at level A+, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS has become the first company in Turkey to be rated at this level.

The corporate responsibility report, published for the third time this year by BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS, was rated A+ by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a globally recognized reporting standards institution. With this result, the report has become the first and only report in Turkey to be approved at level A+ and took its part amongst the 158 reports rated A+ by GRI in 2012.

With its significant work on sustainability, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS prepared its third corporate responsibility report where it shared its sustainability-related efforts in 2011, as well as its future targets and the work fulfilled to realize its economic, social and environmental responsibilities.

The report mainly concerned the economic added value produced by the Company, as well as the environmental measures and investments made by the Company and the social impacts of these investments on people within the scope of the Company’s corporate management approach, sustainability management, sustainability-related targets and corporate responsibilities. People’s happiness, social development and environmental protection were material in the report, while the A+ success criterion was to pass the external audit performed by Deloitte.


The corporate responsibility report prepared by BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS includes status on main sustainability targets, which are: the integration of the sustainability approach into the Company’s culture, raising sustainability-related awareness by strengthening dialogue between stakeholders, indicator-based improvement efforts, leadership in sustainability and monitoring-evaluation processes.

Providing information about the preparation process of the corporate responsibility report, Dr. Erhan Baþ – General Manager of BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS –said, “We worked hard to improve ourselves by sharing more data and indicators every year in our corporate responsibility reports, the third of which was published this year. However, sharing data is not in itself sufficient. We believe that setting targets and undertaking efforts aimed at improvement in order to reach these targets will bring us much closer to our sustainability-related mission.”

Mentioning that the company undertakes sustainability efforts with the vision, “What is measurable is manageable”, Dr. Erhan Baþ has stressed that the company’s human resources practices concerning sustainability-related work and its efforts to minimize the environmental impacts of its activities played a key role in the A+ rating for the report.


With its corporate management approach and continuously rising performance indicators BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS was deemed worthy by EFQM (European Foundation For Quality Management) of the “EFQM Excellence Award”, which no company in Europe has received for the last three years. In addition to this award, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS has earned achievement awards in four categories, a first in the history of the EFQM.

According to IMS data, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS has been the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the last five years. Having maintained its steady and balanced growth by being open to continuous development, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS ranked 3rd with a 5.1% market share in the Turkish pharmaceutical market that has reached a size of TL 15.2 billion in 2011. Having completed the year ranked 2nd in terms of doctors’ prescription preferences, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS products have been written in 7.1 out of every 100 prescriptions.


  • Within the scope of BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ efforts in the field of sustainability, sustainability-related training was provided to 1,950 BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS employees.
  • Aiming to be one of the top two companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical market and the highest exporting domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer by the end of 2014, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ R&D centre, which employs 110 scientists, was established with an investment of US$ 15 million. BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS allocates nearly 5% of its budget to R&D investments every year.
  • A total of 2,715 hours of ethics training was provided in 2011 by BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS, which has adopted the Ethical Management approach. A total of 82.2% of our employees had received ethics trainings by the end of 2011.
  • Because it prioritizes human satisfaction, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS performs comprehensive human resources practices. BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS protects the satisfaction of its employees and their families by continuously designing new projects regarding human resources from talent management to trainings, from coaching support to the protection of employee rights.
  • With 1,051 of its employees actively involved in voluntary activities, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS Community Volunteers have touched the lives of 37,911 people through a total of 26,614 voluntary hours, thus making a difference.
  • BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS has been reformatting its processing facilities with a perspective of “taking responsibility for a sustainable future” and produces in accordance with green company practices. We, as BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS, do not only perform corporate responsibility work, but also continuously apply and improve environment-related standards in business. Within this scope, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS chooses organized industrial zones as its production locations, paying regard to whether these zones have infrastructure that complies with environmental standards. The fact that the Company has been performing its production activities at Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone since 1998 and Gebze Organized Industrial Zone since 2008 is an indication of this point of view.
  • The Bilim Gebze processing facility, which was deemed worthy of the Environmental Award given by the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry in the category of large enterprises in 2010 was built based on the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the “green building” concept. Bilim Gebze processing facility is the most environment-friendly processing facility in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, thanks to its environmentally friendly practices. 
  • By cooperating with myclimate, a specialized agency on carbon offsetting, we offset our carbon emissions arising from the Business Partners Summit 2011. In order to perform carbon offset, we invested in Kores – a wind farm built in Izmir. The investment was equal to the carbon emissions caused by our activity.
  • After undertaking various investments in 2011, we have begun to generate renewable energy since November 2011. 
  • Thanks to our efforts, some of the promotional materials frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry are manufactured from recyclable materials. BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ Medical Representatives have used notebooks instead of brochures in their activities, thus reducing paper consumption. 
  • Pharmacy bags are now manufactured from biodegradable materials.
  • BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS steps up its investments in information technology every year. In addition, the videoconference system is used to reduce unnecessary travel by our employees.  
  • Thanks to the covalent bond diverging bushes that were installed in the natural gas feeding pipe at the Gebze processing facility in Q3/2010, we were able to reduce our natural gas consumption by 5% in 2011. 
  • Our natural gas consumption in 2011 was 0.01319 m3 per box. Our natural gas consumption target for 2012 is 0.01222 m3 per box. 
  • Despite the water consumption target of 0.99 litres per box, our water consumption in 2011 was 0.87 litres per box. Our water consumption target for 2012 is 0.82 litres per box.  


With its corporate responsibility report prepared in line with the Global Compact and GRI standards, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS has broken a great deal of new ground in sustainability.

  • In 2008, the sustainability concept has become a corporate value under the title, ‘respect for future generations’.
  • In 2009, the BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS Sustainability Board was established. The BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS sustainability policy was determined and published.
  • In 2010, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS has become the first company in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry to calculate its carbon footprint and to prepare an improvement plan accordingly based on its strategy of protecting the environment and reducing the use of natural resources.
  • In 2010, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS published the first corporate responsibility report in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry. Similarly, it became the first company in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry to sign the Global Compact. BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS has also developed its comprehensive sustainability strategy within that year.
  • In 2011, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS became the first company in Turkey to publish the first Corporate Responsibility Report, approved at level A by GRI. The Company also provided all of its employees with sustainability training, organized sustainability-related activities and undertook necessary improvements. The Company has also organized various events on how to become carbon neutral.
  • In 2012, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS became the first company in Turkey to publish the first Corporate Responsibility Report, approved at level A+ by GRI.

Assuming the sharing of information about its sustainability-related efforts with all of its stakeholders in a transparent manner as one of its responsibilities, BILIM PHARMACEUTICALS’ level A+ report can be accessed at the company's website.


Schizophrenic Patients Speak Out With Their Paintings / 05.04.2012
The paintings of schizophrenic patients at the Manisa Mental Institution have become an exhibition. Paintings by patients at the Manisa Mental Institution are being displayed under the title "Voices, Faces, and Stories From Where the Fire Drops." The exhibition opened at the Cetin Emec Art Gallery in Izmir on 4 November at 7pm. Income from the sale of paintings will be donated to the hospital's rehabilitation and social health unit.
Bilim Ilac is pursuing a campaign entitled "Don’t let the truth be masked" with the aim of encouraging schizophrenic patients to participate in society and to raise public awareness of the disease.
On Wednesday, 4 November an exhibition opened displaying the paintings of the schizophrenic patients at the Manisa Mental Institution, in the project's fourth year. Some 63 paintings will be displayed in the exhibition which will remain open until 11 November. The paintings selected for the exhibition were produced by patients admitted since 2008.
Serving a total population of 13 million people across 12 provinces, the Manisa Mental Institution not only aims to treat diseases, but also provide supplementary treatment with "Psychosocial Rehabilitation" in a bid to enable patients to recognise themselves as patients and to think as individuals.
The exhibition aims to underline the productivity of schizophrenic patients, to read their inner world off the canvas and, most importantly, to emphasise the significance and necessity of rehabilitation activities such as painting. The criteria of selection for exhibition display are artistic creativity as well as the formation of a common language via paintings portraying emotions.
There are 70,000 schizophrenic patients in Turkey
The majority of the 70,000 schizophrenic patients in Turkey are out on the streets, in our work environments and common areas whilst hiding and/or attempting to hide this problem of theirs. These patients, commonly labelled as "crazy" and "deranged" are not receiving their expected support from wider society. As such, many hide their disease. They want to have a place in society and certainly would like to work and become individuals through quality treatment without being looked down upon by society. The "Don’t let the truth be masked" project proves yet again that these patients are able to produce striking pieces of work displaying their skills, when given the opportunity. In light of this understanding, we call upon all to understand them and help prevent them from being stigmatised.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals signs the “2012 Declaration of Ethics” / 28.02.2012
Bilim Pharmaceuticals supported the Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society, which it is a founding corporate partner of, proving again that “Ethical Management” is one of its most important values.

48 companies including Bilim Pharmaceuticals, who are members of the Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID), signed the 2012 Declaration of Ethics. With this declaration, Turkey’s leading companies, who were present at the signing ceremony, aim to raise ‘awareness’ on the subject

At the signing ceremony held at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum, senior executives of Turkey’s 48 leading companies signed the declaration prepared by TEID. The 2012 Declaration of Ethics contains the following important points:

"In all of our activities, we comply with all the legislations that we are subject to, including the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, as well as all international agreements and regulations that the Republic of Turkey is a party of. We shall take great care to make sure that our declarations and reports provide true information. We shall present information on related subjects in a precise, understandable and timely manner.

We declare our support to the 10 basic principles that comprise the essence of the United Nations Global Compact. We shall reflect our willingness to comply with these principles to our administrative structure and corporate policies.

We accept precision and transparency as our primary values in all of our business processes and relations. We shall show maximum efforts and care to make business ethics as the building block of our written corporate culture.

We shall equip our employees with the awareness, rules and practices, which would steer them clear of conflicts of interest, monitor them and prohibit them from deriving any personal benefit  by abusing their current positions. We prohibit our employees from accepting and giving gifts, which would prevent them from undertaking objective decisions and which would affect their behaviour.

During the execution of our operations and activities, we shall be even handed with respect to all public organizations and institutions, administrative structures, NGOs and political parties and shall not expect any benefits from them. We shall not partake in or tolerate corruption in our transactions; we shall fight against corruption. We shall not be engaged in unfair competition; we shall protect fair competition and consumer rights and we shall design all our practices, accordingly.

We shall not carry out unregistered employment; we shall protect employee health and safety and we shall support equal employment of young people, women and the disabled. We shall support such efforts that contribute to economic and social development.

We shall develop such practices that would ensure the spread of all of these business ethics, as well as related principles, approaches and practices to all segments under our influence, including our business partners and suppliers. As a member of the Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society, we declare and guarantee our commitment to these principles and our target to improve them.”

At his speech in the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Metin Çakmakçý – Chairman of the Board of Directors of TEID – said that they had founded and made the association operational in 2010 and the association is actually a move of volunteerism and the declaration has no penal sanction. Expressing that they had received no negative reaction from any organizations and corporations, which were asked to be a member of the association and to sign the declaration, Mr. Çakmakçý spoke as follows: “I did not expect that such a high number of companies would join us in such a short time. We receive very positive reactions. This is a move of volunteerism. Legal arrangements have already been made. Our target is to raise awareness.”
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