Our Quality Management
At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, we consider ‘the human, the quality and the future’ as crucial factors. We place importance on the following points when considering the drugs we make available to clients and make sure to take all precautions to assure that:
  • The drugs are compliant with the identified quality standard.
  • The drugs are used safely.
  • The drugs are proven to be effective.
Our management and all of our employees help us reach these targets with an awareness and responsibility to provide competent services in view of human health.

The quality system applied in our corporation is based on international standards and has been established based on current regulations and guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Clinical Practices (GCP), etc) as well as current Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001). The main constituents of our Quality Management Systems are explained in the ‘Quality Policies’ document published by our company.

Moreover, due to the importance that our corporation places on the environment, health and continuous development as a result of its approach towards contemporary quality standards and customer-orientation, it undertakes the following actions:
  • The adoption of the principles of Total Quality under the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model since 1998.
  • Compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standards since 2004.
  • Compliance with 14001 Environmental Management Systems standards since 2004.
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety at Work Management Systems standards since 2004.
All Quality and Management Systems applied in our corporation are audited and reviewed regularly, which ensuring that competency, suitability and effectiveness is continuously assessed and improved upon.

At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, we work to exceed all our clients’ expectations with the high-quality products we produce under the warranty of “Quality Systems”.
EFQM Excellence Model
Bilim Pharmaceuticals is involved in a difficult and sensitive sector that is directly related to human health. Product quality is on top of everything. Aware of this, Bilim Pharmaceuticals prioritizes quality at all times and has adopted it as a philosophy of life since its foundation.  

Successful corporations are those that are able to create and maintain extraordinary results for their stakeholders. However, in today’s world, which is subject to gradually increasing global competition, rapid technological developments, continuously changing business processes and rapid changes in the economic and social atmosphere and customer masses, it has become more difficult to maintain these results. A question concerning these matters marked the beginning of the Total Quality Management at Bilim Pharmaceuticals: “In a world, where changes take place so fast, can we preserve our presence with our existing business making habits?” A mobilization was launched at Bilim Pharmaceuticals to accommodate such change. We adopted the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model in 1998 in order to attain results that would satisfy all of our stakeholders and the community, and to be a pioneer in the quality journey in the pharmaceutical industry. Bilim Pharmaceuticals has been conducting its efforts since then within the framework of the model.

As a result of successfully implemented efforts, Bilim Pharmaceutical gained the following achievements: EFQM Competency in Excellence Approval in 2004; the winner of the “National Quality Grand Award” given by TÜSİAD-KalDer in 2006; the finalist of the EFQM Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management in 2009; the winner of the “Award of Continuity in Excellence” given by TÜSİAD-KalDer in 2010; and the finalist of the EFQM Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management in 2011. These awards were the first and only awards ever obtained in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals desires to develop and generalize the positive atmosphere created inside, to set a good example in the sector, to guide the sector and thus, to realize its mission. It also shows all of its stakeholders that it has adopted the role of being an excellent corporation and promises that it will progress with determination in this never-ending journey.
Reputation Management Model
Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ target is to effectively manage its corporate reputation not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but in all sectors and to be indicated as an “exemplary” company in this field. The company has also given place to this target within its business model as well.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals began to apply the corporate reputation model in late 2006. Bilim Pharmaceuticals, which has been in a continuous process of change particularly since 1998, considered corporate reputation as a part of its strategy of change. Reputation Ambassadors, which we have established to raise awareness of corporate reputation within the company, constitute a platform that is comparable with all companies. On the other hand, the Bilim Pharmaceuticals Community Volunteers platform, which we put in practice within the framework of volunteering management and which has today become a brand, has spread throughout Turkey. At Bilim Pharmaceuticals, which adopted business strategies based on sustainable development, this issue is of key importance in our strategic planning. Another benchmark practice applied at Bilim Pharmaceuticals, which assumes responsibility for a more habitable world, is the Sustainability Board. The fact that sustainability-related policies and processes complying with international standards are defined at Bilim Pharmaceuticals is one of the factors that provide the greatest contribution to the corporate reputation.

Our company management, which complies with the principles corporate governance and our Ethics Board, which was structured in line with our business ethics and principles are important elements in the effective management of our corporate reputation. What lies behind all these efforts is the fact that we have built our company’s corporate values together with our employees and the integration of all our values to our employees and processes within the framework of our BI’L Leadership Model.

Bilim Pharmaceuticals has set up a vision aiming to place its corporate values related to its corporate reputation, as its “most valuable capital”, into the heart of all its policies and processes. A long-term action plan was implemented, which would embrace all Bilim stakeholders and turn Bilim Pharmaceuticals’ corporate reputation before its stakeholders into “trust” by means of social sensitivity.
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