As Bilim Pharmaceuticals, we have set up a vision aimed at placing our corporate values related to our corporate reputation, as our “most valuable capital”, into the heart of our policies and processes. We determined our roadmap by creating policies, which guide us by defining our relationships and responsibilities with all of our stakeholders, as well as our communication strategies, our quality and environment approaches and our occupational health and safety practices, i.e. all of our processes.

Our policies are evaluated, reviewed and updated according to changing business making rules by respective units in the last quarter of each year.  Our policies, which are our most important resource that sheds light on us in reaching our short- and long-term targets, are adopted and integrated into the daily business life by all of our employees.

We consider communication as the most important factor supporting our participative management approach. We are engaged in regular and bi-direction information exchange with our internal and external stakeholders that we are in touch with, within the framework of our principles such as honesty, transparency, ethics, understandability, sustainability and accountability.

We present our company’s vision, mission, values, policies and strategies first for the information of our employees then our other stakeholders. We support activities that aim to internalize our vision. Moreover, we aim to ensure that our company’s mission, corporate culture and values are effectively used by our employees in their daily lives, particularly during “business making, decision making, implementation and evaluation”.

When it comes to our stakeholders, we aim to ensure that information is accurately shared based on the principle of transparency and trust. We transparently share our performance in our corporate responsibility reports in order to meet our stakeholders’ basic expectations.

Based on our employees’ communication needs and expectations, we plan our internal communications strategy and policies and design communication channels, accordingly. In order to ensure that our company’s mission, vision, values and purposes are well understood, we inform our employees and provide their participation in related processes. We create means of communication, which would allow our employees to adopt our corporate values and popularize our corporate culture. We provide information flow that contributes to the personal development of our employees and we enable the coordination of produced information. We keep a continuous view of latest technologies to make sure that our employees have easy access to information and take any precautions that would ensure the effectiveness of our communication.

We establish sustainable and transparent relationships with corporations, which we are in cooperation with, based on mutual trust and respect. We set up widespread relationship networks that would ease determination of possible collaborations.

We determine short and long-term communication needs jointly with our customers and take pains to meet them. We respond rapidly and effectively to our customers’ feedbacks. We make suggestions to our customers to use our products and services responsibly.

We establish communication with the media and the public based on the principles of accuracy and transparency. We pay attention to ensure that media members receive the right information from the source and at the right time.
It is our basic principle to manage our corporate operations before the community and our other stakeholders without any discrimination based on religion, language, race or gender. Beyond full adaptation to all legal obligations, including laws, regulations and official guidelines, we see policies that may set an example to other companies as a part of our culture. We do not carry out any activities, which we are not accountable for. Ethical, transparent and accountable attitudes and behaviors are our basic practices in our daily lives which would make us an exemplary company.

Following in the footsteps of these basic guidelines in our activities, we
  • Undertake commercial activities without swerving from our ethical values;
  • Work in harmony with all of our stakeholders in Turkey and abroad, while encourage their participation;
  • Work to add value to our employees, customers, and the community (our primary stakeholders), and try to set an example for them.
  • See it as our duty to protect and enhance the health and safety of all our stakeholders;
  • Take pains to reduce our environmental impacts being aware of them and launch innovative practices for this purpose;
  • Undertake our responsibility for the development of the society and towards the fulfillment of the needs of future generations by raising social awareness and by means of community investments in the fields of health, environment and culture;
  • Ensure active participation of those employees, who are dynamic, pioneer social transformation, demonstrate their social sensitivity and have a high sense of responsibility as a part of the community;
  • Predicate volunteerism for a better community and environment;
  • Demonstrate an approach that preserves social traditions and culture; and
  • Get organized and provide continuity in touch with other NGOs.
We use appropriate technologies in order to minimize and control potential impacts caused by our activities, related to environment and human health.

We comply with the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Health required by the pharmaceutical production sector, therules of current Good Management Practices, Environmental Legislations and local requirements.

We predicate our actions for a sustainable environment through the minimizationof loss in the ratio of raw materials,the efficient use of energy, the absolute minimization of waste products and the increase in support of recycling.

We organize training events for our company’s and subcontractors’ employees with the aim of raising awareness on protecting the environment. We assess and monitor our suppliers andcontract manufacturers in view of their impacts on the environment.

As a company that implementing EFQM excellence model, we analyse and implement our stakeholder’s expectations, feedbacks and necessities

We ensure the adherence to ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems and review and improve them through settargets. In this manner, we commit to preventing environmental pollution
We make use of the most appropriate technology and take protective and preventive measures aimed at reducing the hazards, which may be encountered by our stakeholders as a result of our company’s operations.

We ensure that the activities executed in our company fully comply with the current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and the Ministry of Health’s laws and regulations, as well as the valid Job Law Legislation and local requirements.

Risks pertaining to Job Health and Safety hazards, which originate from the activities of our company, are identified, while we keep these risks under control by bringing them down to acceptable levels.

We organize training activities deemed necessary for the dissemination of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System by the employees of our company and our sub-contractors.

OHSAS 18001 ensures the continuation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, continually improves it by means of revisions and periodically defined targets, while we are committed to prevent job-related injuries and illnesses.
We are pressing forward on our journey towards excellence with determination by adopting and popularizing the EFQM Excellence Model, identifying approaches and targets in this sense and developing them by reviewing at all times.

We utilize the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety at Work Management Systems as a result of our principles of continuous development and our customer-oriented approach in managing processes.

In line with our sector, we ensure continuous compatibility with all Ministry of Health laws and regulations and all current Good Manufacturing Practices in relation to the development, production and presentation of products.

We are continuously improving our system and applying the principles of Quality Assurance Systems in order to produce products that are as specified by their licensing and for their purpose of use as well as taking precautions to abandon all risk that could occur with relation to reliability, quality and effectiveness.

We understand the expectations of our customers clearly to provide them with satisfaction and make efforts to exceed these expectations and make sure that they feel valuable.

We conduct frequent and planned training sessions to ensure that our Quality Policies are adopted by all our employees and that they understand the concepts and principles of our Quality Systems to the best possible extent.
With the purpose of creating a corporate culture that relies on our values, we aim at maintaining the highest possible level of loyalty and satisfaction among our employees and we aim at implementing innovative human resources systems to ensure that our company’s targets based on strategic planning are reached.

We hire workers that have the potential to shape our future
We uphold the principle of equal opportunities in hiring job candidates who are focused on team spirit and values, and who are competent, who possess knowledge and development potential to carry our company into the future.

We prepare opportunities for training and development
We ensure that the current and future competency requirements of our company are met by preparing opportunities for improvement that will develop the competencies of our employees by means of our concepts regarding constant training, innovation and improvement.

We consider all our employees to be skilled
We consider each of our employees to be a skilled leader of her/his job, whereby we formulate a participative work environment that will reveal and develop their potential by means of preparing opportunities for their individual development.

We encourage our employees to exhibit their finest performance
While we encourage our employees to exhibit higher levels of performance, we evaluate their performance fairly and objectively, and ensure that their personal goals are in line with those of our company.

We encourage participation and communication and celebrate the contributions of our employees in unison
We encourage our employees to get involved in all types of innovative and creative undertakings as well as having them make contribution in studies based on individual and team improvement. Moreover, we organize in-house corporate communications activities in order to foster dialogue between our company and our employees as well as honoring contributions in unison.

We get strength from our families
We consider our families to be as much an inseparable part of our organization as our employees who are the determining factor in successfully achieving our company’s targets.
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